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Brasília. Vital (Carlos Alberto Riccelli) is a Brazilian federal police deputy who leads a special investigation group that aims to capture the international drug trafficker Beque Batista (Eduardo Dussek). Three other officers make up the group: Dani (Selton Mello), Rock (Buarque Netto) and Lua (​​Cesario Augusto). In parallel, Vital need to take care of Leila (Analu Silveira), his pregnant wife, and does everything so she does not participate in the violent world in which he lives.

Regie: Erik de Castro
Die Autor: Erik de Castro, Heber Moura.
Nationalité: Brazil, France, Colombia
Sous-titres: Englisch, Spanisch, Französisch, Italienisch, Niederländisch und Deutsch

Federal Acteur et Actrice

Selton Mello (Dani) Michael Madsen (Sam Gibson) Carlos Alberto Riccelli (Vital) Eduardo Dussek (Beque Batista) Roberto Cano (Matias) Adriano Siri (Gallo) Analu Silveira (Leila) Flávio Cardoso (Vaz) Christovam Netto (Rocha) Solange Barros (Paula) Similião Aurélio (Ciro) Cesario Augusto (Lua) Carolina Gómez (Sophia)

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